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Briefly in English

Osteopathy is manual therapy and can benefit people of all ages


Osteopathy is based on the fact that the body is a unit

As osteopaths we always treat the whole body. If you have headache for example, it can be because of the tension in the neck but can also be because of bruxism or even because falling on your coccyx when ice skating. That's why an osteopath is interested in a thorough patient history and also of examining and treating the whole body.

As osteopaths we see that all the possible self healing mechanisms are already there, in all of us, but sometimes because of traumas, accumulated stress or different life situations we might need some help to get them to work better. Through unloading some of the somatic dysfunctions and balancing body's different systems: nervous system, fascial system and circulating system for example, an osteopath can help the body to be better able to compensate and take care of itself. Osteopathy is based on a wide knowledge of anatomy and physiology and the understanding of their interrelatedness.

Some of the symptoms with which you might want to visit an osteopath:

I am also always happy to answer any questions or make a booking: or  0407357022 

My way as an osteopath

I'm an osteopath, a dancer and dance teacher and a mother of two little children. 

As a dancer I always got the best help to all my physical challenges through osteopathy and I am now happy to help others through this amazing profession.

I am mainly interested in treating people with indirect and inducing techniques because I don't think that the body can be forced to changes. For me it is also very important to be emphatically present with my patients and embrace them as they are.

People come to me with different kinds of stress disorders or with pain. I am also very happy to treat babies, children and pregnant women.

I am happy to receive customers in English, Spanish, Swedish and French.



Osteopathic treatment / 60min: 80€
Osteopathic treatment for children, students, seniors and unemployed / 60min: 70€

Also 3 times and 5 times cards with reduced prices available

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